Shane Hubbard

Helping You Quit Your Diet and Lose Weight Since 2014

What's Up!? I'm that animated dude in the picture over there, and I really did lift that weight (I swear!) The name is Shane, but  most people just call me Jim Halpert from the Office.

At the time of this update, I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the Acadamy of Sports Medicine (NASM). As mentioned later, I also hold a Holistic Practitioner Level 1 Certification through the CHEK Institute. I am also currently enrolled in Precision Nutrition's Level 1 Coaching program and look forward to being a collector of knowledge for years to come.

When I was 16, my grandpa introduced me to bodybuilding. After a year or so of seriously going to the gym, working out, and researching fitness, I got really interested in nutrition quite naturally. Most the nutrition advice I found and ended up following  for the next few years was bodybuilding nutrition. That eventually lead to me doing some independent research, as well as taking a class over at my local college. I love nutrition.The fact that one can change his or her health with food is still absolutely fascinating to me. As I progressed in my journey I realized the more I learned the less I knew, and soon I became frustrated with all the different diets out there. I tried only eating meat for a while,  then there was veganism, vegetarianism, Atkins, Metabolic Typing, Ketogenic, High carb, Low-carb, Paleo, the whole nine! The frustration of not being able to find some kind of eating plan to stick to led me to pursue a different route in health called Holistic Health.    

Holistic health was what I was interested in before I knew it was a thing. Growing up with severe anxiety, it was a doorway into a world of understanding that the world we live in, the people we surround ourselves with, and the food we eat are all connected. It is here that I began to realize how important the mental side of health is in relation to the physical side. I went on to get a level 1 certification from the CHEK Institute of Holistic Health when I was 21, and continue to apply a holistic approach to my health practice today.

Some years and many spinach shakes later, I realized that orienting myself with any one health philosophy made me a hard-nosed health nazi, and I didn't like that. From then to now, I try to take a more casual approach to health and wellness. While most all my principles are still intact, my philosophy is now more well-rounded. This is mostly due to realizing that in order to help people it is important to find practical ways to make people's health better. The days of "eat this not that," restrictive diets, and hardcore exercising are not practical for people anymore. Not only that, but many people find no solace in practices and methods that they cannot sustain.

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