Shanda Trofe

Bestselling Author, Publisher, Branding Expert

As an author coach, Shanda Trofe inspires aspiring authors to shift their inner messages from idea to publication. Through a variety of techniques, she encourages her clients to delve deep within and write what's truly in the heart.

An avid internet marketer, Shanda prides herself on mentoring business professionals by teaching a variety of techniques to leverage themselves as a top authority in their niche and gain a powerful online presence, increasing sales by list building, marketing, and sales funnel techniques.

Shanda coaches her clients from a positive perspective, while offering genuine support throughout the process. As the Founder of Spiritual Writers Network, Transcendent Publishing, and Write from the Heart LLC, she offers the writers, artists, teachers and healers of the world a stage in which to share their messages through both digital and print publication.

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