Shalin Rabadia

Professional Trader, Chartered Financial Analyst

I am a Finance Passionate and a Professional Trader. I have a keen interest in academics. Recently I have switched a career to take an entrepreneurship role in building INVEXSTAR.

Professional Trader

I have worked 6 years of professional trading experience at UK-based Proprietary trading house. During my stint as a trader, I conducted macroeconomic and microeconomic fundamental and technical analysis on US equities and fixed income securities, devised trading strategies based on them, and executed the trades in Chicago Mercantile Exchange(CME).

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

I have pursued prestigious Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA) certification from CFA institute, USA, along with my trading career. CFA charter demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for investment analysis and management in today’s dynamic global markets. A comprehensive, global view and up-to-date practical skills provide me the tools and deep understanding necessary to effectively analyze the risks and rewards of a variety of investment types.

Currently, I am working as a financial tutor and financial consultant.

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