Shafiq Marediya

Instructor and Founder of Learn

Hi, my name is Shafiq Marediya! I am the founder of Learn Analytics, where I teach students to become professional data scientist and data analyst. Professionally, I have worked with data in industries like retail, healthcare, non-profit, finance, and technology. Over my years of studying data, I have covered topics like big data, data warehousing, data analysis with SQL, Excel, Python, and R, and visualizations with Tableau.

Many of the topics I cover in my courses are topics I learned on my own, without formal education. My courses are designed for beginners that have no prior knowledge on the topic. I clearly communicate each topic in a way that anyone can pick it up and start learning today by using the step-by-step approach I used when I was in your shoes. I am passionate about data and want to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you! 

I hope you enjoy my courses!

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