Shayli Vere

Artist, Meditation Coach and Marijuana Advocate

I, Shayli Vere, Artist, Canadian and Pot Lover swear to provide chill, educational, fun and uplifting meditation courses that are always a great accompaniment with ganja. Try my Ganja Meditations and Courses for Mature Awesome and Cool Women and Men Everywhere

Always the artist, and a long time user of marijuana for stress herself, Vere has now created Ganja Meditations Course. This course combines stress relief courses for medical marijuana users and straight people that just can't meditate. Vere has experience as a Life Coach, Weight Loss and Natural Health Coach working professionally in a clinic environment as well as one on one with her own clients. Currently she is sharing her personal wisdom  and busy creating The Shay Way Eating and Creative Spirit Courses too. A great course for 50 plus women to inspire and share Shay's way to feeling sexy and alive after 50. 

Vere is working on art series of Osoyoos British Columbia as well as Lonsdale Street in North Vancouver BC, where she currently resides. Please visit my website for information.

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