Seva Samadhi Tsiompani

Yoga & Fitness Instructor, Indian Head Massage Therapist

Hi, I am Seva. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor (Y.A.I, India ©) , a Certified Fitness Instructor (I.A.F.A College), as well as a Certified Indian Head Massage Therapist (A.H.H).

I am the founder of Seva योग रोड्स, an online, membership based, learning platform and have appeared on both TV and radio. I am also a successful Online Instructor with students from over 90 countries!

During my 17 years of experience in personal training, I have seen many of my students to literally transform themselves and their lives, right before my eyes! So I know I CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU! All my students feel like the can rely on me. And they can! JOIN US TODAY, and discover how Yoga can change your life as well!

My passion, is to spread the numerous benefits of Yoga and a healthier approach to Life, to as many people as possible, because I firmly believe that we ALL deserve the best Life has to offer, and that we ALL should know how to live it to the fullest! 

I love to spend my spare time with my family & loved ones. My favorite pastime is cooking healthy, light yet delicious meals, reading lots of books and traveling the world.

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