Seth Hymes

Business & Entrepreneur Coach

4 years ago I was unemployed, my college degree rotting on the wall, and I no idea how to move forward in my life. I'd worked as a waiter, a Laser Range Safety Officer, Pool Boy, and Pizza Delivery Driver. There didn't seem to be a job where I could contribute any part of myself. Then in 2010 I discovered Internet Marketing, and everything changed. I suddenly discovered a realistic way to monetize my own personal abilities and interests.

I made $30,000+ last year part time through websites that are based on something I am passionate about: filmmaking. I've learned how you can monetize your own knowledge, passion, and life experience and actually build a business around them.

I've sold thousands of dollars of training on film without ever shooting a hot looking video (!) Which is exciting, because people today really want good information and if you can provide it, you don't need a flashy website or to look like Ryan Gosling to sell it.I was an unemployed college graduate in 2010, with previous jobs that included waiting tables, filing papers, and even a brief stint as a Laser Range Safety Officer sitting in a plexiglass booth on top of a mountain in Maui. I discovered Internet Marketing and it changed my life. After 6 months of intense studying, lots of failures I made my first dollar online.

It started slowly, a few hundred dollars here and there, from $8,000 to $15,000 a year and building from there. I'm definitely not the biggest earner online, but that's why I feel I'm good at coaching people - I still know what it's like to start with no sales and build up from there.

Since then I've built several online businesses and a career as a Marketing Specialist. I've managed over $1 Million in ad spend for companies. I advise companies on their Paid and Organic marketing strategies and help individuals build their own profitable websites. And I love showing people how they can do this too.

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