Sergios Kalozois


Sergios Kalozois

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Youtube Chanel : 208.312 Views

SoundCloud Chanel : 33,340 plays

DJ :

.Crazy Blue lips opening Set of Major Laizer ( jillionaire)

.Summer Club Paphos Cy Opening Set of Carlas Dreams

-Resident dj at maddox events

.Crazy blue lips (beach partys)

.paint glow party 15 august 2016

.crazy blue lips + sex me up 22 july (2016)

.crazy blue lips ULTIMATE EDITION with bang la decks (13.8.2015)

.ola 16 (summer club paphos)

-Resident dj at Balinor lifestyle bar(2016-2017)

-Resident dj at lime coctail bar (2016 summer season )

-Resident dj at barcode lifestyle bar(2015-2016) summers season)

Resident dj at lime coctail bar (2014-2015) winter season

Resident dj at Icon Lifestylebar

Resident dj at Loft CLub Paphos

Resident dj at CocoBloko