Sergia Anderson

2013 US National Pole Dance Champion

Sergia is a visual storyteller. A master of character, she suffuses each performance with honesty and depth through her richly detailed choreography. Her breathtaking musicality, spirited movement and crisp, elegant lines sweep the audience along and immerse them in the moment. Sergia brings this personal connection from the performance stage into the classroom, enabling students to find the energy in their own movement. Drawing on her background in salsa, latin ballroom, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and theater, she provides a firm technical foundation for innovative tricks and transitions, accessible to dancers at all levels.

Her New York Theatre credits are far reaching including working with Broadway director Jerry Zaks in City Center Encores! Bye Bye Birdie. She has also appeared in numerous national commercials including spots for Verizon, Cascade, Chrysler and has co-starred in TV shows 3 lbs. and ABC's The Forgotten, as well as acting in re-occurring roles on CBS's Guiding Light. Recent films include the lead in Tony Tango.

Sergia has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She is an Elevated, X-pert, and Pilates Certified Instructor, and is currently in training for her Yoga Certification. Sergia owns The Vertitude Dance Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

2013 U.S National Champion
2014 Pole World News Choreographer of the Year
2013 IPDFA Choreographer of the Year
2013 Pole Art Showcase Performer, Finland
2013 National Aerial Pole Art, Runner-Up
2013 Intl Pole Championship Female Semi-Finalist
2013 International Pole Championship Dbls Finalist, Singapore
2012 Pacific Pole Champion
2012 USPDF Amateur Champion
2012 Intl Pole Masters Doubles Runner-Up
2012 California Pole Dance Championship 2nd Runner Up
USPDF Pro Status
Bad Kitty Brand Ambassador
Pole Show LA Annual Guest Soloist
Complete Pole DVD Series & Online Streaming Instructor

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