Sergey Gorashenkov

Lifestyle coach, psychologist

Good evening! My name is Sergey Gorashenkov, I am a psychologist, personal development coach and photographer. The whole life I was interested in psychology and personal development. I was fond of learning about social interaction, health and business. Thanks to that development I reached a new level of life. Nowadays it`s really easy to explain why people become successful, but others don`t; why most teenagers are ill and a lot of elder people are full of energy and health. I frequently really successfully consult people about such topics. I help people to unleash the potential in different spheres of life. There is no secret for success, just simple system and steps that fits everyone on that planet. It`s not a magic, everything is possible! Moreover, I have organized different events about health topics, business and relations. Conduct trainings for businesses (mlm companies, beauty salons, tour agencies). There are a lot of opportunities in online-education, it is future and it is right here. And I have a lot of useful information which will help people become better and to live really meaningful life. Besides, I have useful information for people about photographic industry. It is really popular way to express yourself, that`s why I want help people to make it more professional! I strongly believe, that everyone`s goal is total happiness! To be happy, you have to be fully realized! That is my mission to help people unlock their potential and it is really important for me. Be sure that you will receive the most effective knowledge and skills, which helped me and others to achieve goals. That information is based on experience of the greatest people and leaders from all over the world. I strongly believe we will achieve a lot together, sky is the limit!

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