Sequoya Moe-Willis

Personal and Career Development Instructor & Purpose Coach

Sequoya Moe-Willis commands attention by captivating her audience with her real life stories and experiences. After being a victim of child abuse, she has transformed into a victorious voice for all who are searching to live out their life's purpose and accomplish their dreams and goals. She touches the hearts, minds, and souls of various audiences from all walks of life. Her determination for individuals to have victorious mind sets, healed hearts, and free spirits; motivates Sequoya to speak to individuals, large and small groups and various organizations. She delivers messages on How to Gain Employment, How to be Healed From Past Hurt, Positive Thinking, Bringing Dreams into Reality and How to Activate a Successful Mind Set.

Sequoya wants to live in a world where people walk in their life’s purpose and are not hindered by distractions that arise in their lives, such as the lack of money and employment, hurt, pain, trauma, unbalanced activities, family issues and other various personal conflicts. In efforts to help people experience this type of freedom in their lives, Sequoya became a Career and Personal Development Coach, Motivational Speaker, Continuing Education Instructor, Author and Chair Woman of a Local Human Rights Committee.

She and her work are featured & spotlighted on a variety of websites, blogs, online bookstores, online radio shows, podcasts, organization private libraries, newsletters and newspapers. When she’s not being a mom or wife you can find her hosting her internet talk show titled The Sequoya Show found on YouTube and Ustream. Her four books, The Fight of My Life: Memoirs of a Child Abuse Victim; The Fight Continues: Sagas of a Foster Child; So You Want to Write a Book and Girl Power: Unleashing her Power within, are available online on websites such as Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and Lulu.

Sequoya Moe-Willis wants to help you create the life you envisioned by identifying, focusing on and walking in your life's purpose and becoming who you were born to be.

While working with Sequoya, you will begin to make positive changes in your life that will bring the results you've always desired.

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