Selena Culpepper

Common Core Math - Grade 4 Instruction

I'm a parent of 4th grade and 2nd grade student at a great elementary school that just happened to start using Common Core this year. Whew...What a ride it's been. If you're anything like me, you've found that Common Core is a HUGE undertaking. After almost no forewarning of just how drastically different this math is from anything you probably learned when you were in school, you may be struggling along with your student to try to determine the best way to help them succeed at completing complex assignments. I want you to know that you've come to the right place. I was finding that after a couple of intense bouts with the homework assignments early in year, I had no easy way to help them succeed in completing their homework so I came up with a plan. I found the lesson plans that the teacher uses and I started a homework group with a bunch of eager, rambuncious 4th graders and I've been tutoring them for the last year so that they can not only easily comprehend the subject matter but they can also perform on homework and tests with what they've learned.

I thought it would great thing to do to share the wonderful success we've had with all of you. This course is designed for teachers who may be struggling to find good ways to convey subject matter of Common Core or even for parents or tutors who need a supplemental tool to navigate the sometime difficult waters of Common Core.

This isn't like any other Common Core Class that you'll find here. And that's because I've taken the time to adequately and succintly prepare Common Core curriculum in the exact same way that it's used in the classroom. First by subject, then by grade level, then by module, then by lesson and finally by topic. So if you know which book (module) your child is using, you can simply navigate to the specific lesson in this course and review the day's work that your child very likely just covered in class the same day using the same examples.

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