Sebastian Papp

Angel Investor. Business Strategist. Analytics Expert INTJ

Hi, I'm Sebastian Papp and thank you for checking out my courses here on Udemy !

♛♛♛ Angel Investor in Tech Companies Automattic (WordPress dot com), Quora, Evernote, Shopify, Duolingo, Uber, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook (IPO) Stumble Upon, nextdoor, Wanelo, crowdflower dot com, creativelive dot com, kiva dot org, tradesy, skykick, mdinsider, shyp, expa, Coach dot me, Rescue Time, Reputation dot com, Wealthfront, Transfer Wise (transferwise dot com),, ZenDrive, Soma Water, grovelabs dot io and 27+ others ♛♛♛

I currently own and manage several online business and teach others how to buy profitable established websites safely.

The entrepreneurial spirit really drives me I enjoy the challenges and rewards that come with the territory.

I already developed hundreds of websites ( since I first got started at the young age of 16 ) for me & my clients, sold successful sites on Flippa & other similar platforms and also purchased some websites in different industries.

Previous working with Google Marketing Department

Developed content management systems

Designed Business web sites for several clients using Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc.

Worked with many types of business models like: Content/ Advertising, Digital Products, eCommerce, Drop Ship Ecommerce, Marketplaces, SaaS & Software Products, Service - Based Businesses, Lead Generation & many more.

I started out as a programmer, writer, beatboxer, entrepreneur, and student — though not in that order.

I'm fascinated with the usable psychology of self-improvement, business, philosophy, and intercultural relativism in everyday life.

Total introvert (INTJ). I thrive in solitude.

Minimalist. I prefer giving to getting !

Also very passionate about all that's related to:

Intellect, Mindset, Wealth, Career, CONTROL, Productivity , Business, Business Intelligence, Forecasting, Trends, Metrics, Systems, Numbers, KPI Business Plans, Ideas, Execution patterns, Business Reviews, P & L Statements, Cashflows, Business cases, Business reviews, Cost benefit analysis, Financial analysis, Business scenarios, SEO, CRM, Marketing & Advertising, Growth Hacking, Product & Project Management, SaaS Software for B2b applications, Business planning, Financial analasys & budgeting, market analasys & strategic planning, turning strategy into executable operational plans, building marketing and sales operations & many many more.

Find out more about me on Linkedin !

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination."

— Oscar Wilde, Irish dramatist and novelist

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