Ralph Smart

Life Coach

Hi, I'm a Psychologist, Counselor , Life Coach, Relationship Guide, Researcher, Graphic Designer. Cinematographer & Infinite Being. I was born in London and live in Connecticut . I have traveled to five continents and I enjoy nature, and meeting people from all spectrum of life.

I Have a Bachelor degree in Psychology Criminology and have over 6 years as a counselor. I have worked in many hospitals like The Hospital of Central Connecticut and Yale New Haven Hospital as a counselor. And Have Partner with charity's like Feeding The Kids Everywhere Association to travel to Countries like Haiti,Dominican Republic, Brazil,and South Africa. Teaching the young kids and helping to feed the family's there.

To date, I've had counsel over 8,000 people with issues like depression, anxiety, Post traumatic stress disorder and many more. And I love what I'm doing and hope to help many more.


Awarded with a ‘BA Combined Honors’ in: ‘Psychology‘Criminology'

Awarded Boys and Girl Club Role Model of the year 2011.

Associate Degree in Graphic Art

Awarded Noble Class in human life award 2012

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