Sebastian Süssenbach

Quality Sleep Coach

When was the last time you were falling asleep almost instantly, slept through and woke up refreshed, with much energy for the day? 

Let's suppose I was the one able to guide you there...

I would use the same techniques and approaches used by internationally-recognized Doctors and best-selling Personal Developement Coaches, which have helped me dramatically improve the quality of my sleep... and therefore the quality of my life. 

Despite having had literally the worst sleep one could imagine over more than two decades, I was able to improve my sleep quality dramatically and with it almost every area of my life.

When I was a kid, my parents sometimes spend hours to lull me to sleep... Usually, they were falling asleep faster than I did.

As I grew up I made it my primary goal to find out what was keeping me from having the same fresh and awakened experience as my friends and colleagues did.

Nevertheless, I can not conceal that it took me years to have all the puzzle pieces together. 

I made the transition from waking up feeling like crap in the morning to jumping out of bed and feeling excited for each day... 

From sleepless nights to sleeping like a log... 

From tossing and turning to falling asleep like a baby...

I literally went from being overwhelmed with life's daily challenges to feeling on top of the world and full of energy. 

Now imagine, what would it be like if you were given the fast-track to quality sleep, the foundation of a quality life? What would you do with all the extra energy? 

Let me show you a peaceful way to get there...

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