Sebastian Hsu

Web Developer and Engineering Architect

I am a Web Developer and I am a certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional. I am currently working in CTK Pro which is a website development company. We help customer build sites by WordPress and CakePHP, customizing themes/plugins and help customer hosting it. 

We started to host WordPress by just a single EC2, and keep improving the architecture through many mistakes we made. Finally it evolved to Elastic Beanstalk which I found a perfect service in terms of hosting and team development. Therefore, I share my experience in my personal blog (in Chinese). I got lots of feedback and I found so many people want to use AWS to build WordPress but they don't know how to. Then I put my experience into a book (in Chinese), and many readers find it's useful as well. Now I am sharing my experience in Udemy and hoping to help more people.

I've been helped many people and many teams who are new to AWS to build their websites on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. I believe I can also help you if you are looking for an entry course for AWS. 

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