Sebastian Castaneda

Author, Coach and Entrepreneur

Sebastian has become an engaging leader that has established a large fellowship of men wanting to transcend their life. He is author of " The Ladies Man-ifesto what sales,science and love have in common, how to attract any woman you want" which will be launching in over 75 major book retailers online and in store April  15th.

Sebastian is one of the most sought after romance coaches in the dating industry today. He is founder of the powerful program “The Ladies Man Academy” which he designed to reach a broader audience giving only the most concise and applicable information and step by step guide equivalent to what you would get with over 30 1:1 sessions. Though he focuses on romance he bestows a higher purpose for all his clients, to begin living life on your terms. Sebastian truly believes that greatness lies within everyone and it just takes the right mix of knowledge, attitude and shift of perception to unlock your true potential. He is an advocate of a higher calling and pushes client’s to limit’s of growth that both disrupt and engage their natural order of things to sprout rapid growth. Sebastian has touched the lives of 1000’s of men at his in person conferences, online courses and one on one coaching’s.