Sean Sullivan

Clinical Psychologist, Author and Founder

Dr. Sean Sullivan grew up near Boston and received his B.A. from Harvard University. After receiving a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Sean settled in San Francisco to complete post-doctoral work focused in Health Psychology at UCSF. He then wrote The Mind Master’s Silent Journey. The popular book spawned The Mind Master’s Map – The #1 Self Help Books app for iPad – and now, The 21-Day Mind Master Video Brain Training Programs.

Dr. Sean has written and spoken for ESPN properties and been featured on FOX News. He currently maintains a private therapy and video Skype practice from San Francisco. You can learn more at

The Mind Master Program Reviews

"Thank you, Dr. Sean, for making it available to all who are ready to awaken with the help of modern psychology science." –Bob Kondek

"The entire 21-Day Mind Master Program was a wonderful, thought-provoking and encouraging journey that provided me with highly valuable tools that I find myself utilising every time I encounter a challenging situation. The journey has contributed to my self-confidence, has helped renew good beliefs in myself and has given me a clearer vision of what I truly desire out of my one precious life." –Sonali Balakrishna

“Extremely empowering.” –Marta Wegorzewska

“I didn't want The Mind Master Journey to end.” –Tabatha Gray

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