Sean Mooney

Scientist and Professor

Prof. Sean Mooney is a scientist in the fields of genetics and informatics, and he manages an active National Institutes of Health funded laboratory. He was an Associate Professor and Director of Bioinformatics at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Southern California and Indiana University and a faculty Lecturer at UC Berkeley. He received a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at UCSF in 2001 and was the John Peter Hoffman fellow in informatics and genetics at Stanford University from 2001-2003. He received tenure at Indiana University in 2009. In aggregate, he has raised more than $10 million in grant funding from the federal government, foundations and corporate sponsored research. He also has experience leading the construction of communities; he is co-founder of nonprofits focusing on biomedical entrepreneurship in the SF Bay Area, BioE2E and the Indiana Biomedical Entrepreneur Network. He was the Grand Prize Winner of the 2000 $150,000 Garage dot com Student Business Plan Competition, one of the largest of its kind, and was featured on CNN and in Businessweek Magazine. He sits on several editorial boards of journals, is the founder of multiple companies and is an active consultant to the the Department of Health and Human Services and to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and information technology companies.

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