Scott Jones

Teacher on Start-Ups, Innovation and Businesses Leadership

Scott took his first business management role at the young age of just 18, having already served two years in his own small business. Since then he has increased his life experience, influence and leadership capacity with consistent dedication to personal investment.

In 2009, Scott joined a thriving church in England as the Media Director with a team of 45 and in 2010 started what is now his company, Illustrate Media Ltd. The company serves a dual purpose of investing in to local, national and international businesses and also investing in to upcoming talent in graphic and web design. Illustrate has seen much growth and success, most recently repurposing under the identity of four separate businesses. Scott also invests into another company of which he became a director in 2011.

Crammed in to his working years is a wealth of experience, knowledge and proven accomplishment in leadership and business. Scott has always had the heart and desire of investing in to others and so gives his time to mentoring individuals on a regular basis.

In his spare time, Scott loves reading, drinking coffee, spending time with his beautiful partner Emily, and riding motorbikes.