Scott Frangos

Digital Agency Founder, Author, College Instructor

Scott Frangos is a career Marketing Communications professional with over 20 years of college level instruction experience. Scott is the author of a recent business book — The Marketer's Concise Guide to CRO — available on Amazon.

He is President of Webdirexion LLC, a Digital Marketing Agency, and writes articles on Content Marketing at the Webdirexion blog, plus has written for Content Marketing Institute. These days he is focused on three market niches: Healthcare (5 clients in this space); Law Firms; and Dental Practices.

Students learn better with interaction -- by doing, rather than just listening and reading. So Scott likes to introduce a course book with exercises and more ideas to explore, actively answers questions you send in a course, and believes in Quizzes to help you review and lock in your learning.

"I've been lucky in my career," Scott explains, "I have not only worked as a marketing and web development professional, but also have been lucky to enjoy teaching these same subjects. It's an honor to work alongside students as they learn exciting strategies and tactics -- their questions push and stretch me in ways I would never have anticipated."

Scott also is a teaching member of the College of Marketing Pros -- a group of working professionals offering courses on Marketing and WordPress. 

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