Scott Wilson

Professional Game Artist, Developer and College Lecturer

I have been playing games since the Sega Genesis and have always been interested in Creative and Digital Media since my early teens. I was first interested in graphic design while doing GCSE and A Level Art during Grammar school. This progressed into a strong interest in traditional film, stop motion and cell animation studies. I then decided that video game development was a creative medium I enjoyed the most.

At the age of 18 I moved to England and trained in AAA game development at Staffordshire University where I learned how to develop games from Design Mechanics, animation, 3D modelling, game engines, level design and motion capture. I graduated with a Distinction in a Masters of Computer Engineering Degree.

During my final two years of university I worked extremely hard not only on my University projects but also as a remote freelance artist with independent studios throughout the world. With enough hard work I managed to get top marks in my education while working in industry.

I am currently a senior lecturer in Game Development where I teach students of all ages from 18 - 60 the many aspects of game development. As well as this, I enjoy working on my own indie titles in my spare time.

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