Sara Zuboff

Yogi & Entrepreneur

Hi y'all, I'm a yoga teacher, body worker, wellness writer and creator of Beyond Yoga Barre, an exercise experience combining yoga, ballet barre, core fusion and plyometrics. I recently published an e-book, "Rawk N'Rolla: a 3-dayDIY mind/body cleanse". Since my own cancer diagnosis, I've become even more passionate about empowering people on their path to wellness. I began to see first hand how the practice of yoga and wellness coaching could be applied not just to helping overcome a difficult diagnosis, but could be used to create transformations in people's lives. I began to create workshops that combined yoga, meditation, writing and somatic exercises as a way to reconnect people to their mind and body, but also create a space for transformation in their health, their personal relationships, work success and financial prosperity.

In 2014, I founded the I am a Yogi Project which looks to teach young adults yoga and life skills for successful and joyful living.

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