Sarah Vanis

Aligning Health

Sarah found the journey of health began within after battling a long-term illness. It took her down the path of Yoga. In 2009 Sarah decided to undertake her Yoga Teacher Training with the intention of learning more about what had helped her heal. And so began a love of sharing.

Sarah found the more she taught the more she learned. She decided to look a little further and discovered the path of Ayruevda. Living and learning this path has created a new approach to her personal yoga style and yoga teaching, one she loves to share.

Sarah's experience to date includes Diploma of Classical Yoga Teacher Training in 2009, Ayurveda Insights in 2014 and Sweedish Massage in 2014. She is currently undertaking further study in Ayurveda as an Ayurveda Practioner.

Her journey includes all her previous experience in counseling, youthwork, welfare and hospitality

Together, Sarah and her husband have created Aligning Health, focusing on educatioon and support using practices and philosophies from health that help you become the best you can be.

With experience in teaching and practicing Yoga, Aligning Health is incorporating the science of Ayurveda and techniques of Massage to create balance and harmony within the body, mind and spirit.

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