Sarah Nolan

Reiki Master Teacher and Freedom Coach

Hi! I am an energy healer who works with parents one on one and in groups to transform their energy from stressed and depressed to JOY. I have two kids myself, ages 3 and 5. When I was a brand new mom I had forgotten about meditation and energy healing, and it really showed in my parenting. I was stressed out, angry, and even fearful about all of the parenting decisions I was faced with.

When I started meditating again, I immediately noticed my behavior changing, and even my kids were better behaved. Seeing the stark contrast from before meditation to after consistent mindfulness, I knew that I had to show this to other parents. I had truly discovered that when you transform your energy, the energy of everyone around you is transformed as well.

I run a Facebook group called Joyfully Parenting, where we focus of joy and gratitude on this parenting journey.

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