Sarah Clanton

Head Cook and Owner at Stone Soup Catering in Davis, CA

I'm currently the owner and head cook at Stone Soup Catering in Davis, California.

I've been cooking professionally for 20 years, from working as a sous chef at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco and pantry cook at Indigo Restaurant in San Francisco, to lead egg cook at Zachary's Restaurant in Santa Cruz, California, to owning my own business and wearing every hat in the kitchen in between.

In the past year my catering company has won the Davis Food Co-Op 'Souper Bowl' soup competition, and was awarded one of forty Whole Foods local business 'Small Producer Grants' in Northern California.

While my experience includes catering large full-course weddings, managing kitchens, helping to open restaurants, menu design and recipe testing, it also includes prep and line cooking, chopping a lot of vegetables, and doing a lot of dishes… experimenting in the kitchen, making mistakes, learning, and savoring the many experiences that make up all the roles food can play in our everyday lives. These courses are the cumulative result of everything I've learned over the years, and my belief that excellent food can be accessible, approachable and fun for everyone! Thank you for participating in these classes, and I'm excited and grateful to be able to share them with you!

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