Ms Sara Armstrong

Speaker, Trainer, Author, Spiritual Formation Coach

Sara Armstrong is an adventurer, wife, mother, widow, single parent, caregiver, mayor step-mother; a true survivor of numerous life transitions.  She tells her stories so others may gain strength and have hope.

 She was born in Chicago, Illinois and joined the Peace Corps in 1966 for two years of adventure and self-discovery. After marrying a Ugandan in 1968, and deciding to live in East Africa, Sara was launched on a journey through the terror of Idi Amin Dada.  She had unique insight into the destruction of a prosperous and thriving nation.  Her book The Shattered Pearl is an account of her ten years in Africa.  Sara moved freely around Uganda, witnessing many things not reported in the press.  She lived as a Ugandan but saw events from an American viewpoint including the daring 1976 Israeli raid on Entebbe Airport.

Her goal is to give readers an insider¹s view of the profound effect that political upheavals and military coups have on innocent citizens.  As recent events demonstrate, we are all connected.  The book is an insight into how much of the world lives.  The Shattered Pearl is a gripping, entertaining account of an incredible journey filled with adventure, love, joy, and terror.

After returning from Uganda, she was widowed and threw her energies into raising her two children, taking care of her aging parents and participating in local politics.  She helped to incorporate and served as the first Mayor of the Town of Shorter, Alabama when developers threatened her community.  As the mayor of a new municipality that became the center of a public controversy, Sara gave numerous TV and newspaper interviews as well as chairing city council and committee meetings.

In 1992, Sara married Bob Armstrong.  Bob passed away in 2006 after a brave fight against cancer.  In 2007 Sara moved to Atlanta, Georgia to be close to her family.

Sara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology and a Masters Degree in Religious Education.  She is the founder and CEO of Sara L Armstrong Enterprises, LLC that provides speaking, training and consulting services.  Her most recent project is a blog, that offers practical lessons for daily living.

Sara is a much sought after motivational speaker and has been featured at a variety of events for business, religious, community and volunteer organizations across the nation.  Her website is  She is an expert on diversity, self-care for women, caregiving, cross cultural communication, globalization and spiritual formation.


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