Santiago Martínez

High school teacher, Author of Verbótica method

I have been working in 2 high schools as a spanish teacher for 5 years. Since 2005 I have been organizing a courses for international companies and working as a instructor in language schools. Since 2012 I have been organizing intense courses in Ibiza (Europe) for group of students from different European countries (Switzerland, England, Germany, etc.) During my university studies and after that I cooperated with professors of Spanish and general Linguistics, Phonetics and Phonology for to be able to assemble the unique modern system of Verbótica method. During my carrer I was creating curriculums for university programmes of Spanish lessons. On special request I was teaching also basic language skills for drug addicts going to rehab program in Amazonia, which tought me real patience. Among other institutions and language experts I cooperate with RAE (Real Academia Española - the main world authority of castilian Spanish.

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