Sanjeev Newar

I am founder of Agniveer - one of the most influential social and personal transformation movements among youth in India. My writings, lectures and ground-level activities have transformed thousands of lives, preventing large number suicides, reforming several cases of depression & drug-abuse, and bringing success & achievements in many. This is the most satisfying achievement of my life.

I specialize in Vedas, Gita & Yoga philosophy whose imprints are evident in all my outputs and implementations.

I am an MBA graduate from IIM Calcutta and engineering undergrad from IIT Guwahati - two of the most respected institutions of India. Professionally I am an expert in Analytics and Risk Management. In past 14 years of my career, I have undertaken several projects of social, national and global importance. I am associated with IIT Kanpur in nurturing budding entrepreneurs and indigenous innovation from grass-root level. I am CEO of Aarsh Management which was listed in 20 Most Promising Risk Management Solution Providers of world by CIO Review.

The Analytics course developed by me in collaboration with top Analytics experts of the world is considered one of the most valuable courses in the domain in India.