Sandy Manu

Serial Entrepreneur and Instagram Marketing Expert

After giving birth to my second son, my husband thought it was best for me to quit my corporate job and to stay at home full time to raise my two boys and help take care of the household and family. Although it was indeed a job on its own taking care of a baby and 4 year old, I just always felt like I was missing something. I decided to open up a women's online clothing boutique, ARCHVST. What became a little hobby, blossomed into a full fledge passion within the retail fashion business. I did 100% of my marketing on Instagram and became obsessed with the platform as a marketing tool. Because I was such a small business, Instagram was the best way for me to conduct marketing on a tight budget. I soon became an expert and saw a tremendous need in helping people utilize this platform with special tactics that I created which anyone can use. Starting ARCHVST was just the beginning of my entrepreneurship endeavor. Having learned the things that I have learned through ARCHVST, I decided to start another business focusing on Instagram social media marketing. The new venture is currently in it's early stages and is being developed as an app as we speak.

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