Sandra Hinshelwood

Business Coach and Mentor

Sandra Hinshelwood is a business coach and mentor – with a background in business and psychology. She is particularly interested in the mind-set of success and motivation.

Drawing upon her experience as a virtual assistant and team leader in the corporate world, she works with small business owners and solopreneurs providing a service based business. She helps them avoid the most common pitfalls that cause so many new start-ups to fail and to eliminate feelings of overwhelm - empowering them to focus on their goals and visions with greater clarity.

This course was created after a number of years of seeing amazing business owners struggle to make a living doing something they are passionate about. By approaching things with a mind-set for growth and challenging belief systems, many of her clients have gone on to achieve greater success.

She is also the founder and editor of Business Partner Magazine, a bi-monthly digital publication dedicated to supporting the small business community to build thriving profitable businesses.

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