Sandra Burnett

Catering Expert for Wedding Receptions

Hi!  I'm Sandra.  I know more about catering then I EVER expected to know!

Over 35 years ago I started building, what turned out to be, "an award-winning" catering company with about 50 employees.  Most were part time! Built a 14,000 Banquet Facility, ran a huge off premise division and limousine company.

With my expert advice, I can save you time, maybe hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Yes, I have catered thousands of wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners and events! 

Now, I am passionate about helping Brides
       SAVE MONEY!
      Have more time to celebrate!
      Experience less bridal planning stress!  

There are just so many ways to save when booking receptions, and most brides, (and parents), are clueless when it comes to how our industry actually works. 
Do you know the art of "wedding reception negotiating?"

My Catering Company was voted a national finalist in Catering Magazine AND I am la Chaine Chef. One year we grossed 1.8 million in revenue. 
I say this to let you know, I am a professional from this service industry.
Yes, I DO know this business, but enough about me....

I want to give you the tools and tips to "save money" on probably the most expensive day of your life!  

This is what led me to create Secret Wedding Savings and more....

Sign up and find out the real secrets, the questions to ask and forms to use! Now that you found the person  you will spend your life with, let me teach you - so you have more money for the honeymoon or maybe a down-payment on your home!

This is next best decision, you should make!

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