Sam Sadat

Owner and Instructor of Sam's Real Estate Club

Over the last 25 years, Sam Sadat has been involved in more than two thousand real estate transactions as a principal, partner, lender or broker. He started his career as a loan officer and soon became a top producer at his bank. Sam left to become president of Global Home Loans, a mortgage banking company that under his leadership, grew to have more than one hundred million dollars in annual loan originations.

Sam is now the CEO of Global Financial Network, LLC. GFN has worldwide real estate interests, one of them being Investor Funding Resources, which provides private money mortgages and bridge financing to investors in the fix and flip property business.

In 2003 he founded Sam’s Real Estate Club of Los Angeles (also known as Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Club). Through the club Sam has helped thousands of people to network, learn and prosper by understanding the fundamentals of wise investing. He believes anyone can succeed in real estate -- but with proper guidance and mentoring it will happen faster with fewer expensive mistakes.

Sam’s RE Club has been featured on KTLA Channel 5 News, LA Times, Daily News and many others as one of the best networking and educational venues in Southern California.

The key to Sam’s business success is that he knows that due to government regulation, the economy, demographics and many other factors, real estate is a constantly changing environment. What worked a few years ago might be obsolete today.

Over the years Sam’s true passion has become to use his depth of knowledge to educate old and new investors alike on latest trends as well as the tried and true. He has come to believe that only through the process of continuing education will an investor gain the necessary knowledge to navigate through these changing currents. Sam first took action on this idea by hosting his own radio show, The Free and Clear Hour, on KHOW in Denver, lecturing around the country and making guest appearances on TV and radio programs. He currently teaches real estate at the Learning Annex Online and The American Premier University. Sam has written many articles for well-known real estate publications. His best-selling book Free and Clear, The Inside Secrets of Home Mortgage Financinghas helped thousands of people save millions of dollars on their mortgages and to take control over their financial future.

Sam Sadat is one of the true renaissance men of the real estate industry. Sam believes that business is not just a race to see who dies with the most toys (or apartment buildings). Instead, as you journey on your road to success you must learn about and nurture the growth of your inner life if you are to experience true personal fulfillment as your financial accomplishments grow.

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