Sampuran Preet Kaur

Astrologer, Naturopath, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Sampuran Preet Kaur (Nicole Hsin-Lan Chiu) is an Astrologer, Naturopath, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, based in Australia. Her primary focus is on assisting people recognise their own Self-Worth and empowering individuals to take practical steps towards their own emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Being raised from traditional Mahayana Buddhist paradigms, she also went to an Anglican high school and has had a lifelong journey of spiritual discovery and participation in various groups. She believes in a global inter-faith dialogue and is currently also the International Public Relations Coordinator for the Buddhist Charity "Eightfold Lotus Foundation," who are one of the presenters at the 2015 Parliament of World Religions.

For additional information and services, please visit her website.

Her YouTube channel (Sampuran Preet Kaur) also provides monthly Moon Sign Astrology forecasts.


Masters of Arts (Editing & Communications), University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications), University of Melbourne