Sammy Blindell & Miles Fryer

Founders of brand building resource

Sammy Blindell and Miles Fryer are the International visibility experts behind, the award winning global brand-building resource, that has been created to help purpose driven entrepreneurs achieve fast growth, without cutting corners.

They specialise in removing your need to spend money on expensive Marketing Managers, Coaches or Consultants, by giving you the tools, advice and systems you need to create, build and implement your own simple strategy. 

By working with Sammy & Miles, you have a proven system in your marketing toolkit that gives you control and puts you firmly in the driving seat of your business.

Their masterclasses, books, courses and events have been created to become a core part of your business growth strategy. 

Having built seven of their own businesses, as well as coaching thousands of business owners worldwide, Sammy & Miles sold their last business in 2013 to put their money where their mouth is and prove that you really can start a business from 0 and create a minimum monthly income of £15,000 per month in just 12 weeks. They over-achieved this figure and not only hit £18,000 of retainer monthly income in 11 weeks, they also went from 173,000,000 in the Google search engine rankings to #3 in that same period of time - WITHOUT A WEBSITE!

You really can do this and they can guide you step by step through the process to help you do it too.

Just some of the things you are going to learn on your journey with Miles and Sammy are how to:

· Enhance your personal and business profile

· Gain greater credibility and respect in your industry

· Build trust with your dream customers

· Increase your word of mouth referrals

· Save wasting your time on ineffective marketing

· Reduce your branding and marketing costs

· Boost your profits significantly over the next 12 months

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