Afzal Sharif

Business Systems Analyst & Entrepreneur

Hi there, I am Afzal Sharif, a friendly entrepreneur from New Jersey. My goal is to make this world a simpler place. 

I have had the fortune of being involved in a few successful ventures that revolve around the idea of simplification. When I was in college, I created a method that allowed students to easily buy / sell / trade their text books. I also developed a profitable business around making it easier for students to buy and sell lecture notes. I've created tools that enable real estate agents to easily create fliers and virtual tours of their listed properties. I've helped Disk Jockeys convert much of their hardware into software, making it easy to setup and run a profitable mobile DJ business. 

My latest and one of my most successful venture has been about a balloon distribution business I started two years ago. It has helped me earn upwards of $200 working 2 hours per day and is based on simplifying a problem most people face a few times a year. I've developed a course to teach anyone that is interested in learning the business.


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