Samir Ranpara

Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor


I am a mindfulness instructor. And because the only known way to develop mindfulness, is through meditation, I am also a meditation instructor.

I wasn't always meditation instructor. I have a masters degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering. I went through very dark period of my life and mindfulness, helped me get out of that. It helped me so much that I left the lucrative technology field and I teach mindfulness and meditation now.

I got my mindfulness training from Center For Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts. It gave me the scientific appreciation of the meditative practices.

I spent one and half years at a Zen monastery in Sunnyvale California, to get the religious and spiritual perspective. I am also an ardent student of Buddhist meditative practices, Buddhist Psychology and Buddhist philosophy.

My meditation practice started at a very young age of 12 years, but after unsuccessfully struggling for few years I abandoned. I only became open to it, when the misery struck me in a battalion.

For last 5 years I had intensive meditation practice myself and I have been teaching meditation at my meditation center for 3 years.

I am hoping to shared some of my expertise here and more importantly learn from you and advance along the path of meditation.

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