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 SAMI ELIWA is an electrical and computer engineer, builder, and relentless tinkerer.
As a child, he took apart everything he owned to figure out how
it worked. Since then he has built many different projects
ranging from an electric fishing pole to a remote-controlled lawn
mower, which was featured on the cover of MAKE magazine in
April 2010. Having worked as a builder doing carpentry,
plumbing, and electrical work for eight years, his knowledge is
founded on real-world experience rather than text-book
In addition to building robots and remote-controlled toys,
he enjoys automating everyday tasks, blinking LEDs, designing
and etching PCBs, and lots of random things in between. Much
of his time has been spent researching, building, and testing various motor-controllers to make his bots
move. As a self-proclaimed “poor man’s roboticist,” he will always try to find the cheapest way to do
something—usually by building it himself.

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