Sam Bing

Entrepreneur, Artist,Developer

Geared toward getting products off the ground. If you ever tried it's not easy, therefor i focus on what most people have to work with , their skills. Create it your own self , market it yourself , until it takes off. My goal is to give you the complete set of skills/things needed to get either yourself or your product off the ground , with minimal investments. Many things are involved but the right execution mixed with a great design and a way to market the product is the bare basics.

Creating things on the move and an continuous growth of your skills , is not easy but it's also freeing and makes you feel alive. I strive for excellence , therefor anytime anywhere i am looking to learn,grow and give.

Working hard at creating something that didn't exist before , or making something better that leads to helping someone is what gets me most excited. The process of learning and growing is not over until you share the knowledge.