Sam Chifley

Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Consultant and Investor

Hello there, my name is Sam and welcome to my bio page!

You are likely here because you want to learn a little about me and more importantly you want to find out what I can do for you.

I grow up in the United Kingdom and later moved to a few locations around the World (To study and for better weather!)

In my years I have tried a number of different activities including ‘debating and liquation’, studying, flying (I am a private pilot) and running a range of small start-ups (Some not so small). My academic interests include both Business and Law.

One thing I have a passion for is teaching and consulting with other entrepreneur and homepreneur (Someone who runs microbusiness usually from home). I try to provide courses that can help you kick off your career in business or enhance it.

Currently, I teach online to over 8000 students, run businesses of my own and provide consulting services to other business to help them through their unique challenges. I have seen a range of problems both large and small in my career.    

Now seems like a great time for us to meet in one of my courses and learn some new skills. Or, you can get in touch to ask some questions about me to make sure I am perfect fit for your needs (I know my bio is short and sweet!)  


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