Salvatore Benintende


I am a musician, multimedia producer and Bachelor of Arts in Media Informatics. Currently I live in Rome, where I organize the only official international Open Mic of the city. I am also the co-founder of Vandi Design, an Italian-Dutch production company.

Starting at a young age, I stepped into the world of music when I learned to play the keyboard at three years in a music school in Germany. This was followed shortly after with another 8 years of studying how to play the organ. During this time, still a young kid, I got my first vocal lessons after which I became one of the main singers of a local choir, with final appearance on TV (ZDF Fernsehgarten).

After several cover bands in Germany (and learning how to play guitar in the meantime) I eventually moved to Rome, Italy, where I found some very talented international musicians. After recording our first album, a low-cost self-made production, we instantly got incredible positive feedback from several important music magazines in Italy (and some even abroad). We took the experience and recorded our first high-quality recording, called Into the Light, which instantly got us into the most important radio stations in Rome, including interviews at Radio Rock and Radio Popolare Roma, which also instantly invited us to play at their festival (Dinamo Fest 07/2011).

In the meantime the Open Mic Nights I'm organizing grew bigger, with hundreds of musicians that play their original music every year. Some of them struggled with their songs, so I started giving them 1:1 sessions, teaching them how to improve their songs and giving them useful tools for songwriting. In 2005 I found out about Udemy and now I'm making these methods available for everybody right on this great platform.

I'm also organizing live music events at the first Irish Pub in Italy (The Fiddler's Elbow) , and I directed music videos for "The Swing Pistols" and "Frühbel" - Leave (No. 1 Hit in the L.A. Dance Charts March 15 - 31 2007)"

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