Saheel Baral

Trainer, Coach, Academic Motivator, Business Developer

Most who have met Saheel only once will tell you how quiet of a guy he is. Others who know him very well will describe you his flagship skills of public speaking and motivating people.

Having recently completed his undergrad education, Saheel has fascinated some remarkable achievements in college. From being certified the student with best discipline in college to being awarded the best student manager in Kathmandu in 2014 (KCM's Zeus: The God of Management), the soon-to-be motivational trainer believes that the only thing that kept him going was the willingness spring out of his comfort zone.

Having excelled in college in extracurricular, he has now decided to use his learning from college into teachings for young enthusiasts. He undertakes sessions for younger students and working adults regarding motivation and life-skills of which he has received phenomenal feedback.

He aspires the work done by Steve Jobs and always relates to the theories of Simon Sinek.

Saheel believes that to succeed, you should get your hands dirty, your sweats running and do any task with quality as if you are going to be cashed a million dollars.