I started my career as a Commodities trader in 2004, Trading Oil and Sugar Future Contracts. With the Birth of the of the Forex Brokerage Industry and the ease of programing electronic trading systems, I started My Own Trading Company in Jan-2006 else Holdings, where in 2011 the 21 Strong trading team was replaced in its Totality by Computers leaving just 3 traders to run all the operations and Compliances.

Ever since, I specialise in Engineering Trading Systems that incorporate composite risk Management which eliminate Losses in Trading, by staying ahead and Trading the markets Actively, and taking inconsideration the actual behaviour, of the banks and the Liquidity Providers in the Foreign Exchange or the Commodity Markets.

My Main objective in creating these Courses is to contribute by Creating Talent and a new generation of Smart Traders, that will be the Leaders of tomorrow.

And Further to demonstrate that electronic Trading is not a game of chance but a Skill OF the 21st Century based on Knowledge and Facts.

Kind Regards

Saed Elahi

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