Rahul Singh

Udemy Teacher, Engineer and Developer/Designer

Hi there, my name is Rahul Singh and I am an entrepreneur, engineer, developer, designer & coding enthusiast for - iOS, Android and Web Development.

Do you want to learn how to develop apps and games across multiple devices?

Interested in reskinning games for mobile devices?

Want to obtain the skills to become a full time developer?

then, Get in touch with me and let me serve you with the required resources :-)

My experience is vast and covers lots of areas, from coding iOS applications, Android applications, websites through to document formatting, creation, editing, checking with multi-million dollar companies and last but not least work in the textile industry ranging from labouring to management.

These experiences have helped me gain knowledge and skills within the following areas.


· iOS Development - iOS 7 & 8 (Swift)
· Android Development
· Website Development

· Adobe Photoshop

· Microsoft Word - 2010, 2013 (Win)
· Microsoft Excel - 2010, 2013 (Win)
· Microsoft Powerpoint - 2010, 2013 (Win)

Along with my professional career development, I am always learning through various mediums - online schools, books, talking, listening. That's right I'm just like you, wanting to increase your intellectual skill range!

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact myself through Udemy.

I hope to see you enrolled!

Yours in learning,

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