Sabrina Lynn Domenosky

Personal Development Educator

Sabrina is an executive coach, personal development authority, educator, and former personal trainer who works with men and women to get fit and improve their lives. Her internet radio show, Get Fit to Get Laid has over 400,000 downloads and consistently ranking in the top ten on iTunes in health. Sabrina owned two gyms in Wisconsin, where she helped 1000's of men and women achieve their fitness goals. She noticed however that many men, regardless of their fitness levels, were 'striking out' with women. As she listened to their stories of woe and broken hearts, she realized that they were going about it all wrong, that these men had no idea what women wanted, in fact, had it totally reversed in many cases. So she set out on a mission to educate men in having great relationships with the female sex.

She was so successful that Playboy radio came knocking on her door and gave her a weekly radio show. Her Podcasts, 'Get Fit To Get Laid' and 'Sexy in Six' became runaway hits on iTunes.

Today, she resides just outside Sydney, NSW, Australia, leaving 10's of thousands of broken hearts in the US and Canada.

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