Ryan Parks

Kung Flow. How to unlock a new life with a Lightsaber.

Ryan is an addiction and trauma recovery specialist who counsels the children of billionaires and Academy Award winners. He is also the worlds foremost expert on Lightsaber spinning. 

He has devoted the entirety of the last decade to perfecting a system that helps ordinary people level up to actual super-hero status.

Here's the origin story: While struggling to learn the fire-staff, Ryan stumbled across a way to use his PC as a mental model in a way that accelerated his ability to master advanced spinning skills. 

The new approach propelled him from mediocre hobbyist, to world class, world touring, full time professional Fire Performer in less than a year. Many people have said he's the best in the world. 

But it wasn't until he answered a random Craig's List ad that things started getting good. A drug rehab for high risk teens was looking for someone to teach the kids spinning, just as a way to try to get them up and moving. 

Ryan was looking for something that would satisfy the part of him that enjoys helping people, so he answered the call. The rehab kids loved Kung Flow, so he taught them as he was able schedule classes into a hectic schedule.

Then one of the girls asked him if he had ever tried applying the physical performance enhancing techniques, to the cognitive recovery processes.

She had. She was using Kung Flow to overcome her alcohol and cocaine addictions. And it was working.

(Long amazing story short, it worked. She not only made it back into high school, she graduated as Valedictorian.  She also just graduated near the top of her class at Cornell Tech's Masters of Business program. So proud of that girl.)

Intrigued by the possibilities, Ryan and Kate starting diving deep down into the rabbit holes, discovering numerous ways that we can use the insights provided by the PC to access, operate and optimize our own personal operating systems. 

After seeing so many kids use the Kung Flow system successfully, the owners of the 30,000 dollar a month, dual-diagnosis clinic asked Ryan to come on as the full-time Rec. Therapist.

He was hesitant at first, as he had no formal addiction recovery training. The clinic owners assured him the overwhelmingly positive results he was getting from the kids were enough to merit the position.

This meant he was faced with the choice of continuing on with the $1500 dollars a show flaming Kung-Fu rockstar job, or taking the $15 an hour service position. 

No contest. Ryan was fascinating by the results he was seeing, so he took the job  at the clinic. Everyday became a rolling laboratory, exploring these new ways of bringing the challenged mind back online. 

Many years later, the best of the techniques have been honed and synthesized into comprehensive mind/body fitness system. Kung Flow is designed to show you how to unlock the next level of your life through the power of your mind. 

With a Lightsaber. 

And that's why Kung Flow works so well. Utilizing the Lightsaber as the teaching tool just makes all the learning exercises feel epic. It is the ultimate force amplifier.

Kung Flow will help you unlock some saber skills that blow your mind open. The rush you get from that exercise will propel you into many hours of happy practice. That time also just happens to be a really beneficial, low-impact core workout.

So your exciting new hobby also is tightening, toning and building your body as well as your mind. The new super-charged self confidence and upgraded physical fitness allows you to take on the bigger more dynamic kicks, flips and spins. 

Nailing a big new move is such a rush. You get a perfectly calibrated dose of dopamine, serotonin, anandamide and all the other happy chemicals that support our optimal mind state. 

This cycle repeats upward endlessly. There is always a challenging new skill or combo to test your ability to progress. 

This exhilarating exploration into the next level creates a perfect circle of positive energy generation that helps you become smarter and stronger, faster than you ever thought possible.

This system was designed to do two things: Create a working proof that you have Jedi level Intel inside, and then show you how to unlock it. 

With a Lightsaber. 

Get ready. You are the next level, so the next level is now! :)