Ryan Cocuzzo

Mobile App Developer

Hi, my name is Ryan Cocuzzo. I am an iOS and Android App Developer. Self-teaching App  Development was the best decision of my life, however, it was very hard for me to integrate myself into the community associated with programming to learn where exactly to start. Through a long road with many turns, I believe I have a great understanding of the mindset of absolute beginners who need guidance. I remember the simple questions that I had as a beginner, some of which got dismissed on forums due to their simplicity. I believe a beginner's questions are the most important to get them started on their programming journey, which is why I focus on introduction to development.

My Promise to you:

I will do everything I can to get you started on Apple Application Development. Your questions will never go more than 48 hours without a response (typically 12-24 hours maximum). 

Best times to reach me: 6 - 12 pm EST

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