Russell Baillie

Survival 101


I have worked in the security industry for 12 years in some of the hardest and most notorious correctional facilities in the UK. I have ran numerous survival and combative courses in this time to private students, bushcrafters, preppers and active duty service personal. 

Through daily interactions with some of the hardest, nastiest most despicable people that are currently held in correctional facilities i have came to understand what makes these individuals predators and what characteristics and traits that normal everyday people portray to become viewed as PREY!

This interest in survival / self defence led me to seek out , test and master the techniques and skills to survive violent encounters , having done so I felt that there was a large gaping hole in my own skills that needed to be filled. That hole was survival in an emergency situation. With my contacts in the military I sought out to discover the secrets of emergency survival from some of the worlds best instructors ( Former Royal Marine Commando's and Special Forces )

I hope to share what i have learnt to help you.