Rush Young

Udemy Instructor

I am a father of four, grandfather of six and have a great-grandson.I worked in the restaurant business in every capacity from kitchen help to management until my early 30's. I also owned and operated a Courier business for 14 years prior to taking off to return to school for business and Risk Management training. I had since worked as a long-time outside contractor in the loss control niche' of the Insurance industry. I inspected and surveyed commercial businesses for grading and rating policies. I always wanted to get into the publishing business, and as I approached retirement, I realized without being a creative thinker, the odds were against me.

I spent 100's of hours researching this topic, and found that there were more things from my personal life to prevent this simple techinque from working for me, than there were ways it could. I then discovered this was the case for most and very little was being written or produced about this. This process has changed everything about my life. I am now enjoying success in publishing and using this new found self-taught talent to my advantage. My entire life style has changed and now helping people learn to better themselves and their families lives, has become my new passion in life. I now can't think of anything I want to do besides this. I have finally found that "thing" we all look for from life, inner peace, self-respect and knowing I am helping people gain knowledge that will serve them well for all of their life.

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