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Rumana's dream is for everyone to experience good health and live a fulfilling life. Starting her career as a scientist, Rumana worked as a microbiologist in laboratories that specialised in food and water analysis. She then spent time working in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry but finally became concerned about the limitations of western medicine and decided to focus on exactly what it is that makes us healthy and well.

Believing there are many tools to help us gain health Rumana applies scientific principles along with traditional medicines in her health practice. Her comprehensive programmes include naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture and body work and coaching.

We do not know how everything works but what we can do is continue to explore and discover through principles such as cause and effect and observation which may ultimately give us the answers or results we are searching for."

Her passion, commitment and love in helping others be well and to find health comes in many forms. Rumana teaches and lectures at universities and colleges as well as running clinics, retreats and health workshops for individuals, groups and businesses. She has worked with some of the top Spa's around the world, as well as medical professionals; she established the first complementary medicine walk-in clinic of its kind at the Nutri Centre, Kingston Park Tesco in Newcastle.

Rumana lives in the North East of England where she fully embraces life, dances tango, engages in philosophy and practices yoga and meditation.

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